Why Palmetto Wheelworks? Well, for starters we come to you. We are a mobile bicycle shop with a focus on convenience for you.

If that sounds new and different, do not be alarmed. We are fully capable of performing the quality service you should expect from any other bicycle shop. We simply chose to be a mobile bicycle shop, offering a unique service option in lieu of a traditional storefront. Being a mobile bicycle shop allows us some flexibility in operations. For example, we come to you!

Hello, I’m glad you found Palmetto Wheelworks. I hope we can be of service. I want to share my excitement about riding bicycles with the community.

There is such a feeling of simple freedom from riding a bicycle that is comparable to flying. This sense of enjoyment is what I am committed to growing and preserving. The best way for me to do this is offer my services so that bicycling is affordable and accessible to everyone. I’ve been tinkering with and riding bikes for as long as I can remember. My first fond memories of riding a bike go back to when I was about six years old. As a youth, I built many bikes from whatever parts I could find. When I had enough money, I bought my first competitive style road bicycle. My love of cycling led me to explore more about the industry and the bicycles that bring me such joy. Now I have the opportunity to share bicycling with others in a unique way.

Hello, my name is JD Douglass. I have been in love with bicycles for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of graduating from my plastic big wheel to my first BMX style bicycle.

The freedom that bicycles gave me as a child is something I have always remembered. The freedom of riding a bicycle is something that has stayed with me throughout my whole life, and it is something that helps me remember the simple things. I strive to help people discover the freedom of a bicycle again or just by helping improve someone’s bicycling experience, whether that be from getting their bike that has been rotting away in the garage up and running so they can use it, or just by ensuring that they find the right bike for their lifestyle.. I have been working on bicycles since that very first BMX bike I owned, and I worked in a bicycle shop in Western Pennsylvania during my break from the US Air Force. I look forward to helping others find that perfect experience that takes them back to that feeling of freedom, that feeling when their dad or mom let go of their bicycle seat for the first time.

Professionally Trained Mechanic

Enjoy the affordability and convenience you deserve.